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Rugby League - Training for Life


Queensland Health and the official Australian guidelines for physical activity, recommend teenagers do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

Sport is the perfect way to accomplish this and while it can be any sport or physical activity at St Brendan’s we have approximately 400 boys participating in the sport of Rugby League each year making it by far the most popular on campus.

With the interruption of group training due to COVID -19 the Rugby League Skills Video Tutorial Series, this week presenting Tutorial Seven – Kick Reception, has been designed to maintain the boys dedication to their training and accompanying benefits of sport. Each week a new tutorial is uploaded, you can find previous videos either on the St Brendan’s College YouTube Channel or our website under Rugby League (Links Below).

Training is designed to prepare not only physically, but mentally and technically for the game. While health benefits through cardiovascular fitness, endurance, upper and lower body strength, agility, and speed are well documented, technique is a valuable tool to help prevent injury and prepare players to excel on the football field.

Metal health is paramount in these difficult times navigating ‘the new normal’ with benefits from sport including reductions in stress, anxiety, and anger issues to increased self-esteem and the maintenance of a positive mind set.

Furthermore, it is the auxiliary benefits, presenting from the sport of Rugby League that contribute to positive skills for use in daily life including concentration, discipline, self-control, decision making and leadership.

The expertise of the Sports Department and Rugby League Coaches, many of whom are from National and International representation, put the boys in fine stead to learn these valuable skills from the best in their field.

While this series will get us through the next few months it is in the mental health and auxiliary benefits that will imprint on our boys for years to come and hopefully assist them in navigating life’s challenges as they arise.

St Brendan’s College prides itself on not only a strong academic curriculum but also its extra curricula activities inclusive of Sport, Music, Agriculture and Culture, of which Rugby League is an excellent source of benefit from physical and mental through to self-identity.

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