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Private Music Tuition

Our Private Music Tuition is for students who wish to learn an instrument outside of the classroom environment we provide.

Students often do this if subject lines prohibit music class choice; or they are wanting to pursue an instrument further than the classroom level we are working at. It is also for older students from Year 10 onwards who have decided they may like to start an instrument. 

Private Music Tuition is available in any instrument choice from all families of woodwind, brass, strings and voice. 

Our priority at the College is to embed our students within our significant music program; however there is always a place for private music tuition to extend student's learning or offer flexibility if the academic music program or subject choice does not align with a student's needs.

How do I enrol my child in private music lessons?

Please complete the Private Tuition Enrolment Form below, which includes the per term fee structure.  If a student decides during the term they do not wish to continue, the full fee will be charged for that term due to staffing and resources allocated to the Private Music Tuition.  Please return the form to Mrs Gail Purdie at Front Reception or contact Mrs Purdie on (07) 49399 401 for more details. 

Private Tuition Music Enrolment Form

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