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Bursary & Scholarships

St Brendan's College appreciates there are many families who may wish to send their son to St Brendan's College for their secondary education, however financial considerations may not always make this an easy option.  The College offers Edmund Rice Bursaries to support families whose personal circumstances may warrant financial support to cover enrolment fees. In 2019 the St Brendan's College Old Boys' Foundation launched its inaugural Scholarship Program to attract and retain students of outstanding abilities in a range of fields. Some of these scholarships were awarded but in a number of year levels and fields these were not filled. These are now being reoffered in 2023.

Edmund Rice Bursary

Edmund Rice Bursaries are available to parents when a demonstrated need exists due to financial circumstances.  Our Edmund Rice Bursaries are not a one size fits all bursary, but are based on a formula which includes information on family circumstances (one or two parent), the number of children, employment status and housing costs.  Applications are to be submitted on the relevant form to the Business Manager and will be treated confidentially.  A completed Enrolment Application must be received before an Edmund Rice Bursary will be considered.  Supporting documentation including pay slips, latest taxation return and a Centrelink Statement must accompany the application. This information will be kept in strict confidence and will be reviewed by the Business Manager and Finance Staff only.

SBC Old Boys' Foundation Scholarship Program


The primary objective of the Scholarship Program is to attract and retain, at St Brendan’s College, students of outstanding academic ability and/or those students who excel in their chosen field of endeavour.  All scholarships will be granted with the intent to increase and broaden the growth and success of the greater student body by the inclusion of individuals with exceptional abilities.


  1. Academic Scholarship – assessed on ACER and school report results
  2. Sporting Scholarship – Verifiable achievement at regional, State or National level with preference given to those excelling in multiple disciplines.
  3. Arts & Culture Scholarship – assessed on Australian Music Education Board results, or equivalent performance results.
  4. VET Scholarship – assessed on school report results.

Scholarship Value:

Successful candidates will be offered a scholarship of $1,250 for the calendar year.  Specifically, the following scholarships will be offered in 2022:

  • Year 9 – 1 x Academic, 1 x Sporting and 1 x Culture
  • Year 10 - 1 x Academic, 1 x Sporting and 1 x Culture
  • Year 11 - 1 x Academic, 1 x Sporting, 1 x Culture and I x VET
  • Year 12 - 1 x Academic, 1 x Sporting, 1 x Culture and I x VET

St Brendan's College will offer the same opportunity to students in Years 7 & 8 as per below to the value of $1,250 for one (1) calendar year:

  • Year 7 – 1 x Academic, 1 x Sporting and 1 x Culturre
  • Year 8 - 1 x Academic, 1 x Sporting and 1 x Culture


Candidates are invited to submit a written application in the form of a resume that includes:

  1. A letter of no more than two (2) pages introducing the candidate and outlining the applicant’s qualities, achievements and aspirations.
  2. Copies of the candidate’s two (2) most recent school reports.
  3. Copies of other supporting documents which may include:
    1. References
    2. Testimonials
    3. Certificates of achievement

To be sent to:          
Principal’s PA, St Brendan’s College
139 Adelaide Park Road, Yeppoon, QLD  4703


The decision of the Foundation as to the awarding of scholarships is final.

 Please click on the link below for guidelines of how to apply.

* More information about the Foundation and membership can be found by visiting //

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the college.

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