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Debating & Public Speaking


Debating is a fun activity, akin to a sport, in which the skill of argument and logical reasoning is developed and encouraged through team based competition. Students compete as part of a team of three in which they argue the affirmative or negative sides of a given topic. The aim of each member of the team is to build and then support their team’s stance on the topic, following set structures and strategies to help make their case.

Debating is open to students in all grades, with the College fielding both junior and senior teams in the R.D.S.P.A (Rockhampton District Secondary Principal’s Association) Debating Competition. As part of the competition our young men compete against teams from secondary schools across Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast and engage with a range of topics from the tongue-in-cheek, to the serious, to the philosophical.

Debating season typically runs through Terms One, Two and Three during the academic school year. Students commit to a weekly meeting for planning and argument development as a team, before competing in set debates as part of a draw.

Along with the public speaking skills Debating develops, students also gain invaluable team work and social skills, and enhance their writing, analytical and reasoning skills as well.

Lions Youth of the Year

The Lions Youth of the Year (Y.O.T.Y) Competition provides students with the experience of working with a community group, while developing their interview and public speaking skills. This contest, which is open to senior students, is sponsored by the Lions organisation and it offers the opportunity for students to showcase their achievements and leadership development in both school activities and within the wider community.

Beginning in Term One every year, students compile a C.V of their Academic, Social, Cultural and Sporting endeavours before taking part in an interview process conducted by independent judges from a community panel.

Following this interview stage, students move onto the public-speaking section, in which they present prepared five minutes speeches, on a topic of their choice, at a Lions Y.O.T.Y function. They are then asked to complete two impromptu speeches on topics selected by the panel of judges. 

Students who are successful in the initial stages (Club Level) continue on to progress through further levels of this nationally run competition.

Students who are considering senior leadership positions are highly encouraged to take part in this program.



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