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Pastoral Approach

Our Pastoral Care Program is designed to care for the welfare and personal development of each student.

On arrival at the College each student is welcomed into a Pastoral Care group for the duration of his schooling.  This helps to nurture a sense of belonging and also enables the student to develop a support network made up of young men from his Year Level, his Pastoral Carer and his Year Level Coordinator. The program is supported by an on-site, full-time Counsellor. By working collaboratively, we aim to provide a family environment where each young man can grow in faith and personal understanding. Special leadership and outdoor education programs offered to each Year Level support each student’s growth and development.

Through this Pastoral Care program, all in our College community are challenged to discover and develop their talents and leadership abilities. Values such as compassion, care, inclusion and a strong sense of community underpin all that we do.  Consequently, school rules are based on the principles of respect and restorative justice.

School TV - St Brendan's College Resource

It’s never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children.

Like never before, parents need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many challenges faced by today’s youth. Topics such as youth anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others need clear explanation and guidance.

To support parents and families, St Brendan's College has secured a SchoolTV subscription, an ongoing resource that is now available to our parents. Each edition will address a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quiz, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, amongst others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and confusion of searching online across multiple sites for information.

Access St Brendan's College's unique School TV subscription by clicking on the link below.

SBC School TV 

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