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Middle School

Our Middle School curriculum incorporates Years 7-10 at St Brendan's College.

Year 7

Our philosophy for Year 7 is that early and pre-adolescent learners make up a discrete group of students. Developmentally, they have academic, social, and physical needs different from those of young children or older teens. The learning and achievement of junior secondary students is supported by highly competent, student-centred teachers organised as a team. 

Our Year 7 curriculum model is that of a National Curriculum Taster including mandatory year-long subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Religion and Civics), mandatory semester subjects (Visual Art, HPE, Design & Graphics, Geography and History) and mandatory term subjects (Music and Technology).  English

Year 8

Year 8 includes Core Subjects English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Religious Education similar to Year 7 and give the boys the opportunity to choose two electives from PE, Music, Technology or Art.

Year 9 and 10

The Year 9 and 10 Curriculum includes the continuation of many of the features from Year 8.  However, the College is now moving towards subject alignment for the new QCE system and the introduction of ATAR assessment, replacing current OP in Queensland. 

The Core subjects remain a significant feature of the framework and the National Curriculum and Essential Learnings informs the structure of the units of work, learning experiences and student outcomes, for the mandatory subjects. The use of the ‘Essentials’ extends the Year 8 program and ensures the seamless movement across the Middle school.

The Concert Band and Contemporary Ensemble, so successful in Year 8, are again available as an elective option for those boys who wish to continue with their performance in this cultural area. The long term intention is to carry this through the years and have a senior band competing at State and National Eisteddfods.

Journey Groups in each of the compulsory subjects still form the basis for class structure and students will have the opportunity to move between the Journey Groups as their needs dictate. At the start of Year 9 students will again be allocated to Foundation, Core or Extension options, based their examination and assessment performances from Year 8. This differentiation of the curriculum makes learning specific and challenging while creating opportunities for greater success.

In contrast to what happens in Years 7 and 8, the boys start to take more specialists courses. They get to choose four semester units each year from a range of thirteen options to give them more responsibility in framing the direction of their schooling. One of the subjects on offer is ‘Specialist Mathematics. This is a high level academic choice for those boys with a clear Mathematics and Science interest.

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