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St Brendan's College provides a wide variety of opportunities for students across a range of sports and ability levels. Participating in sport helps boys shape self-esteem, build confidence and motivates them to achieve their future goals.

For young boys, sport is not only where social skills are built but goal setting, team-work, time management and leadership skills are developed and utilised as a life-long characteristic. It shouldn’t be a surprise that boys who participate in sport also do well academically. They are more focused and can apply the commitment and hard work associated with their sport, to their studies. Interestingly, statistics show that boys who play on high school sports teams have a higher probability of graduating and moving on to higher education. The brotherhood and friendships formed at St Brendan’s College through sport will last a lifetime. 

Sports available at St Brendan’s College are determined by the Rockhampton and District Secondary Schools Sport, Capricornia School Sport and Queensland School Sport competitions.

Students and parents are encouraged to regularly check the sports noticeboard, listen/check the daily notices and download the St Brendan’s College phone app for regular updates.

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