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2019 enrolments are now due!  We invite you to discover the opportunities and pathways for your son at SBC, as we look to finalise enrolments for Year 7 to 11 entry for 2019. Click here for enrolment details


The Careers Centre at the College is a very busy one.  Our Head of Careers Mrs Sue Waddell is available to assist your son when he is contemplating future jobs and careers, selecting subjects and helping him investigate options and pathways for the future.

Career planning is an important aspect of people’s lives.  It gives direction, motivation and security.  Unfortunately, statistically a large proportion of students have little idea either of what they would like to do or what is available. 

An important thing to remember in life, is that a career is not a destination, it is a journey.  Job choices are just one step along a continuing path which can diverge at any time.

With a Master’s degree in career guidance and counseling, Mrs Waddell can help your son discover what his skills, interests and abilities are and a range of occupations which could interest him in future. 

Events which occur each year are:

  • Defence Force school visits
  • Year 10 Resumes & Mock Job Interviews
  • Year 10 SET planning and subject selection
  • Careers Expo in Rockhampton
  • QTAC application sessions
  • Work experience opportunities every holiday

Appointments can be made in school time or, by negotiation, after school. Parents are very welcome to attend.  If parents prefer, Mrs Waddell is available for a chat either on the phone or by email. 

The school has subscribed to a great web site: My Career Advisor, which allows all students and their parents to log on to for help with subject selection, career advice, universities, getting a job, etc. 

User name:  

Password:   sbc4703

The following templates are provided for the benefit of our students to assist them to prepare their resumes and cover letters when seeking employment. 

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