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Boarding Residences

The college has four Boarding Residences, each has Wi-Fi and air-conditioned common areas. All Residences have kitchenettes located in common rooms as well as BBQ’s for weekly Saturday night barbecues and common and individual study areas. 

Boarders are educated in basic home care skills like bed-making and room cleanliness, and are responsible for various house duties to contribute to a positive and familial boarding environment. The students’ educational needs are well catered for with individual and group areas for study and lesson preparation. All Residences provide compulsory supervised study sessions five days per week and provide time and facilities for more study if required. 

Edmund Rice Residence

Edmund Rice Residence

This Residence is named after the founder of the Irish Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice. It is from his philosophy and willingness to help those less fortunate than others that forms the foundation of the education boys receive at St. Brendan’s College.

In 2020, Edmund Rice is home for our Year 9 and and 8 boarders. 

Fitzpatrick Residence

Fitzpatrick Residence

This Residence was named after Brother Gerald Fitzpatrick who came from Tatura, Victoria. He arrived at St Brendan’s College in 1941 and stayed till 1957. His name was synonymous with kindness and generosity and was in his element attending to the sick. His work around St Brendan’s was to collect firewood for the boiler and the kitchen and to mow the ovals using a mower drawn by ‘Barney’ the horse.

Fitzpatrick is currently home to our Year 11 and 12 boarders and is located adjacent to our abundant sporting fields, tennis courts, cattle yards and rodeo arena. 

McKennariey Residence

McKennariey Residence

This Residence was named after Brother Leonard McKennariey, who came from Brisbane. He taught in the secondary classes and he was a good gymnast, an enthusiastic sports coach and a tireless and thorough teacher. He arrived at St Brendan’s in 1944 and spent over ten years at the College. Brother McKennariey spent his last forty years in Queensland boarding schools.

McKennariey is the College's oldest residence, and houses our Year 10 and Year 11 boarders. It is located closest to the academic facilities of the College and includes a theatre room, pool room and common BBQ area. 

Wallace Boarders on the first day of school.

Wallace Residence

Wallace Residence was named after the Bishop of Rockhampton, Bishop Bernard Wallace. He was bishop from 1974 until he retired in May of 1990 before his passing in November of the same year. Bishop Bernard was a brave man. He expressed his convictions forcefully; he stood his ground resolutely; and he followed his ideals passionately.  We work to instill these traits in our students today. 

Wallace Residence houses the youngest members of the St Brendan's boarding community, the Year 7's. In 2019 this residence was completely refurbished to make it suitable for this Year 7's. Wallace Residence has a warm and inviting common area, with an office and parent lounge. The new accommodation and facilities go hand in hand with the dedicated team of caring staff to support these young boys as they transition from home to boarding life.

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