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House System

The St Brendan's College House System has a strong and proud history; with bonds and friendships formed in Houses often extending well past a student's days at the College.  

Our House System forms the basis of sporting competition; but with the awareness that boys are inherently competitive, we are also proud that our Academic Assemblies also include points for each House, highlighting the importance of striving to do your best inside the classroom, not just on the sporting field. 

Duhig (Gold)

Duhig House is named after Bishop James Duhig (1871 - 1965), the 3rd Bishop of Rockhampton. One of seven children, James was born in Ireland on September 2nd, 1871; the family emigrating to Australia after being evicted from their home. James attended C.B.C., Gregory Terrace. James studied for the priesthood in Rome. He was consecrated Bishop of Rockhampton in December 1905 by the Arch Bishop of Sydney and later went on to become Archbishop of Brisbane in 1917. Whilst in Brisbane he became involved in massive building programs (400) and received many honours including a knighthood. Bishop Duhig was at the official opening of St. Brendan’s in 1940.  

Duhig War Cry
How many wins can you have in a row? 
OOOAAOOOAA! Gold’s the team that could possibly know, OOOAAOOOAA!
See them, watch them take a hold, OOOAAOOOAA!
As they come through Duhig gold OOOOOOOOO AHHH!
Duhig Gold!

Gettons (Red)

Gettons is named after Br James Basil Gettons (1887-1952), the first Superior and Headmaster of St Brendan’s College. Born in Maryborough, Queensland, Basil was one of 9 children. He attended C.B.C. Maryborough in Central Queensland, and remained there as a teacher before leaving to join the Christian Brothers at 22 years of age. He was a very popular student who was a member of the church choir and also played the clarinet in the naval band. After religion, Br Basil’s greatest interest was in politics.

Gettons War Cry
Reds, are we ready? (Seniors lead)
Are we ever!
Hocka ticka, hocka ticka wish bang wop.  
In go buddy, buddy give it ‘em hot 
Win the best, lose the best 
Ever striving through 
Red boys, Red boys do do do. 

Hayes (Blue)

Hayes is named after Bishop Romuald Hayes, who was born in Malvern (Victorua) in 1893. He attended the famous Xavier College and excelled in scholastic and sporting endeavours and was College Captain. After joining the Priesthood in 1912, he was ordained in Rome 1917. After working in Melbourne and China (Superior of Columban Fathers in Australia), he was made Bishop of Rockhampton (by Bishop Duhig) on April 24,1932. St. Brendan’s College, Yeppoon was founded during his Episcopate as a boarding secondary school for country boys. He died suddenly on 25th October 1945, outside the Cathedral after celebrating mass.

Hayes War Cry
Blue, are we ready? (Seniors lead) 
Are we ever! 
Arangabi, Arangabi, Arangabi,
Runga Valecy, Valecy, Tra Ra Runga 
True blue, true blue, best by far 
Hayes house, Hayes house, yes we are 
B-L-U-E, Blue 
Up the mighty Blues!

Tynan (Green)

Tynan is names after Bishop Andrew Gerard Tynan, who was born in Brisbane on 25th November 1907. When he was appointed Bishop of Rockhampton in 1945, he was only 38 years of age (the youngest of the Australian Bishops) and the first Queenslander appointed as Bishop. He attended C.B.C. Schools at Gregory Terrace and Goulburn. He was the first Diocesan Chaplain for the Y.C.W. movement and is remembered by the following description: “Behind a natural courtesy, He was gifted with a will of steel.”  Bishop Tynan died in 1960.

Tynan War Cry
Tynan, are we ready?  (Seniors lead) 
Are we ever! 
Tara, Tara, tin tin Tara 
Evergreen, evergreen, ya, ya, ya 
Go boys, go boys, give up never 
Tynan, Tynan are forever 

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