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1-2-1 Laptop Program

The St Brendan’s College Leadership team recognises that the structure and nature of teaching and learning has fundamentally changed and that it will continue to do so with great regularity as technologies advance. As such, innovative models of curriculum delivery that utilise an array of technologies are required to engage the modern student.

As a first step in this process the College has undertaken a commitment to provide all boys with a laptop and to strengthen the traditional face-to-face approaches to learning by the inclusion of such devices in the classrooms - the 1-2-1 Laptop Program.

At its essence is the need to create a better learning environment for all students by expanding the opportunities that they have to determine when, where, what and how they choose to study. Opportunities for learning cannot end when the doors close for the day and teaching spaces need to open up to include the residences and the lounge rooms of the family home. The ability of our boys to download homework on iTunes, listen to lessons via podcasts, communicate with other students all over the world through social networking sites, and even video conference with their teacher while they are off campus is an exciting ideal.

The modern student demands this interactivity in his educational experience and multi-tasking and parallel processing has become second nature to them. It is our expectation that the provision of the laptop and other digital devices will facilitate greater engagement and enable him to more readily learn, rather than be taught.

Please download the 1-2-1 Laptop Program Prospectus and the accompanying correspondence to read the detail on this Program at St Brendan's College.

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