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Uniforms & Stationery

St Brendan’s College expects its students to have pride in their school and to demonstrate this by maintaining a high standard of dress and grooming. The overall expectations of the appropriate appearance of students in relation to uniform and grooming are ultimately at the discretion of the Principal.


The academic uniform includes the following:
  • College Bucket hat
  • Short sleeved white College shirt (seniors) or Green College shirt (years 8 – 11) – tucked in
  • Grey College shorts
  • Plain black leather belt
  • College socks – pulled up
  • Black leather dress shoes (not black joggers or skate shoes) – cleaned and polished


  • CURRENT SBC sports polo shirt
  • Green College sports shorts
  • Athletics lace up shoes - predominantly white
  • White sports socks
  • College Hat


ACADEMIC UNIFORM – Same as the summer uniform with the following variations
  • College striped tie (must be worn to school every day)
  • College spray jacket or College pullover
  • Only plain (no writing or illustrations) white singlets or T shirts can be worn under the academic shirt


The full formal on all formal occasions such as Photo Day, Senior Commitment Mass, ANZAC Day, Valedictory and when representing the College.

  • College hat
  • Short sleeved white College shirt (seniors) or Green College shirt (years 8 – 11) – tucked in
  • College Tie
  • Long grey College trousers
  • Plain black leather belt
  • College socks – pulled up
  • Black leather dress shoes (not black joggers or skate shoes) – cleaned and polished
  • Blazer (optional)


The College maintains the same standards for our students' appearance during sports or house events.  To ensure uniformity and comfort, we have established the following guidelines:


SBC sports shirt, SBC shorts, SBC socks.   Athletic shoes must be predominately white. Please ensure that you have the current uniform if you are purchasing secondhand clothing.  During winter the SBC tracksuit can be worn.


Students are required to wear their sports uniform, with one key adjustment:

  • Instead of their regular shirt, students should wear their house shirt.

Prohibited Attire To maintain a consistent and appropriate look for sports events, please note the following restrictions:

  • Skate shoes are not permitted as part of the sports uniform.
  • Branded hats and jumpers in combination with your sports uniform is not permitted.


HAIR STANDARDS – Hair should be kept clean, neat and tidy at all times. The following constraints also apply

  • It must be above the collar, off the ears and eyebrows at all times
  • Blade 2 is the shortest cut acceptable
  • If hair is coloured it must be a natural colour. Streaks, tips or bleached hair is not permitted
  • Hairstyles which draw attention to the student will not be permitted
  • Faces must be clean shaven unless permission has been sort from the Head of School for cultural reasons
  • The Year Level Coordinator in consultation with The Head of School will make the decisions as to the appropriateness of hairstyles.


A wrist watch and/or a simple chain with an unobtrusive religious symbol (crucifix) is the only acceptable jewellery. The following are NOT acceptable

  • Any form of body piercing
  • Chains or necklaces, wrist/ankle chains/bands
  • Rings
  • Tattoos

SBC Uniform Shop

The St Brendan's College Uniform Shop is located on campus via the gate 2 entrance.  Follow the directional signage to T1. View our Visitor Map for location details.  This shop is an outlet of Perm-A-Pleat Schoolwear, a Western Australian family business that supplies uniforms to schools throughout Australia. Orders can be made in-store; by email or via their online portal below. 

Online Booking
Please book through the following Link. Book Uniform Shop Appointment Time. 

Online Ordering
Secure online ordering is available. Click on the button below, select uniform items, pay online and a SMS will be sent when the order is ready for collection from the campus uniform shop. 


Uniform Shop Hours

The Uniform Shop is open for parents and students on the following standard hours during the TERM ONLY.   It is also open for special events including Orientation Day in November, as well as for longer hours in January prior to the commencement of the school term.  

  • Monday & Friday                                  7.30 am - 11.30 am
  • Wednesday                                           1.00 pm - 5.30 pm
  • Last Saturday of the month                9.00am - 12.00pm

Contact Details:  Phone: 07 4939 9430 Email:

SBC Stationery Supplier

Campion Education is the preferred online stationery supplier for St Brendan's College. 

Campion Education is a national education resource solution for schools and offers online ordering for delivery or pickup at St Brendan's College prior to the commencement of the school year. 

The SBC Stationery Lists for 2024 can be downloaded below for ease of purchase at your convenience, or order online at the link provided here.  


Payment can be made by MasterCard or Visa.

Please note the new 4 character code for ordering: 4MD2

Orders can be placed by visiting the Campion website (see link below) or Retail Service Centre. Full stock availability cannot always be guaranteed for late orders. Please refer to Campion website for their response to COVID-19, up-to-date information on our trading hours, and our full terms and conditions.


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