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Information Technology Clubs

Our Head of Information Technology Ms Sheridan Blackford offers a number of extra-curricular clubs:

Code Club: Wednesday 1st and 2nd break in L16

Code Club gives students the opportunity to explore different uses of code within a project-based environment. In semester 1 years 8-10 students work in teams to compete in the premiers coding challenge, years 11-12 students work in teams to compete in the Australian STEM Video game challenge.
In semester 2 students program and build real world solutions to everyday problems based on the UN sustainability goals.
These could be things like:
- Transport Solutions
- Machinery in warehouses
- Housing solutions

Competition Club: Monday and Tuesday 1st and 2nd break in L16

St Brendan’s Competition Club Competes in 3 technology based competitions per year. Competition club runs on an as needed basis during breaks, after school and in the holidays (holiday sessions non-compulsory).

RoboCup Junior: Term 2 Central Queensland University Rockhampton Campus
- Rescue Robot
- Soccer

Roborave: Term 3 Sunshine Coast University
- Line Follow Sprint
- Sumo Bot
- Mega Bot

Cyber Taipan: Term 3 and Term 4 Online Event
- Two Junior Teams
- Two Senior Teams


Clontarf Smart Garden: Monday 3-4pm in L16

Robotics: Tuesday 1st and 2nd break in L16
The Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to experiment with different types of robotics and their real world applications.  This is a project based club that runs a different student-chosen project each term.  We compete in the CQ Robocup junior; build and program many types of robots; and work with various forms of conductive technologies including MakeyMakey and Code Bug. 

3D Modeling Club: Tuesday 1st and 2nd break in L16

3D modelling club uses CAD to design and build everyday objects. We use Blender, Fusion 360 and SketchUp for Schools to design our objects. The club runs on a term by term basis with students able to join at anytime during the term. Students are able to print their own designs once they have competed the introductory Fusion 360 course.

Each term a different theme is used as inspiration for the designs the following themes have been used in the past
- USB/Stylus case (introductory course)
- Monster
- Robot
- Keyring
- Mask

STEM Club: Thursday 3.30 - 4.30pm in L16

STEM club is a semester based projects where students work in teams to complete challenges and build solutions.

STEM club combines elements of 3D modelling, 3D printing, robotics, programming and electronics. Previous STEM club challenges have included:
- Mobile Moon Base Design
- Survive the Apocalypse
- Machines not Humans

COMING SOON (2023)!!! St. Brendan’s eSports Team

New in 2023, St. Brendan’s will be participating in the fuse cup (a global eSport competition for school students).

The competition is open to year 7-10 students and uses the following 3 nintendo switch games
- Just Dance 2022
- Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
- Rocket League

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