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St Brendan’s College welcomes 24 new staff to start 2021. This year sees the College at a capacity of 815 students with 201 being new.

St Brendan’s has long prided itself on providing exceptional educational experiences across all facets of the curriculum complementing a boarding experience that supports up to 300 students living away from home, many for the first time. This dedication requires both the current optimisation of human resources from teaching and administration staff through to boarding and future-proofing educational needs through forecasting.

We welcome the following staff members:

  1. Allan Ahmann – Assistant Head of Residence Wallace
  2. Amy McFarlane – Teacher
  3. Andrew Jones – Teacher
  4. Bailey Sims – Casual Gym Supervisor
  5. Bayden Schellein - Teacher
  6. Belinda Peachy – Assistant Head of Residence Fitzpatrick
  7. Bonny McLean – Administration Officer (Business Operations and VET)
  8. Cooper Tydd - Education Support Officer
  9. Daniel “Paddy” O’Toole – Teacher
  10. Inez Goves - Head of Department – Visual Arts
  11. Isaac Matthews – Recreation Officer​
  12. Karina Hick – Laboratory Assistant​
  13. Kellie Glenwright - Teacher
  14. Kelly Marsh - Administration Officer (Residential)
  15. Liz-Beth Tooker – Education Support Officer
  16. Luke Peachy – Boarding Supervisor  
  17. Luke Thomas - Teacher
  18. Marg Goves – Teacher
  19. Sam Muir - Assistant Head of Boarding / Teacher
  20. Susan Justice – Education Support Officer
  21. Susan Lewis – Teacher
  22. Temil Ludwig Teacher 
  23. Thalia Swanson – Student Welfare Officer
  24. William Gardner – Education Support Officer

Congratulations to all new team members on their successful appointments. We welcome you and your families into the College and the wonderful Livingstone region for those who have relocated and look forward to your contribution in guiding our boys into a positive and rewarding year.

 Image: A selection of our newest staff members taking time out form induction.

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