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SIMPLE LIFE SKILLS Learn them in lock down, treasure them for life.

Nowadays, given the busyness of our lives, some of the simplest skills can get overlooked along the way.  It is never too early or late to start to build on your knowledge which includes daily tasks. It will equip our boys to help a little more around the house and it is never too early to start.

So, to our boys, no excuses now!

St Brendan’s College staff have compiled a series of tutorials on “HOW TO” from ironing a shirt and sewing a button on to sizzling the best breaky to serve up to your loved ones. Give someone you love a break and if you do not know how, we have it covered.

Watch for more. Be ready for anything.

The first in the series is “How to iron a shirt”. Iron away!

If parents would like to explore the opportunities available for their son/s at St Brendan’s College, enrolments are now open for the 2021 school year. First Round Offers will close 8 May 2020.  Families wishing to enrol their son are invited to, read the College Prospectus and complete relevant forms (see link below) 

Further, our dedicated Enrolments Officer, Mrs Kylie Hedges is more than happy to speak with parent/s directly and answer any questions that may arise. She is contactable at 4939 9485 during College business hours.

Watch the series: Click Here

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