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OPEN A GOLD Play the Grand Final Tonight

Tonight, the Open A Gold team play the grand final against Rockhampton Grammar School from 7.30pm at Browne Park, Rockhampton.

Ben Charles and Blake Anders (pictured) will dually Captain the St Brendan’s College team.

Both agree that St Brendan’s as a team has played very solid football throughout the competition and we have a good chance tonight having played the same team earlier in the competition with the game drawn. Ben believes if we control our middle tonight and complete our sets, we should be sweet.

In a COVID -19 environment, Ben said the time period has been a challenge this season but the way we adjusted to that has helped our position. Blake adding that there have also been a few positional changes, which has changed everything up. 

Both Captains highlighted the fact that the team as a whole has worked well together, with Ben stating we have been solid throughout the season and the performance strong.

The highlight of the season according to Blake has been the team working very well together which he thinks will assist the First XIII next year, with Ben adding the quick season has been a challenge, but believes we have adjusted really well to that, especially being able to prepare in two weeks.

Ben said the key take away from the season is that we can adjust to anything and can take on anything next year. He said it has been crazy not having spectators cheering them on, if you go back many years, Brendan’s would have lost a fair few grand finals if it were not for our vocal spectators in the stands.

The Captains encourage you to watch us on the livestreams tonight.

Stay in and cheer the boys on from the lounge!

In the interest of public safety spectators are not permitted. This is in alignment with COVID-19 restrictions.

The game is being livestreamed via The Morning Bulletin for subscribers -  Subscribers can watch the game here.

or  the RDSSRL

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