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Alwyn Doolan - Old Boy 2007 - Raises 11K for Mr Peter Bartlett

The culmination of days of walking from Duaringa to Yeppoon, fundraising for Mr Peter Bartlett while raising awareness for brain cancer has been a wonderful success with Alwyn raising over $11,000 to date.

 Friday saw students form a guard of honour for Alwyn, Peter, and his family as Principal Mr Rob Corboy and St Brendan’s College Prefects walked with him as he completed his journey.

 Alwyn statedthe walk to me is really just an endeavour that I wanted to shine the light on Mr Bartlett and his journey and also around the cause of this terrible disease of brain cancer .

It means such lot, because the impact that Mr Bartlett has had on my life during (my time at) St Brendan’s College. (It) has left its mark (since leaving) school so I just wanted to give back any way I can and doing this is just a small gesture for him.”

Rather than being exhausted after walking over 150km, Alwyn said “I feel more joyful than ever really, because what I witnessed today was just so inspiring from the students and from the staff and seeing Mr Bartlett and his family today was such just an honour.”

Alwyn believes the student support at the end of this journey was “really important for the students.  They are a part of the next generation and with myself being an old boy of the College, it provides aspiration of the effects of what the college can have.”  Alwyn left school 13 years ago but is still a part of the St Brendan’s College Family.

Mr Bartlett and his family are incredibly grateful thanking St Brendan’s during media calls.  “This school has just been amazing in a whole variety of things,  whether it is the old boys association or even teachers, students, parents, boys giving their love and support. I don’t think we would be where we are without the support that St Brendan’s have given us, definitely over this last year. I appreciate what they have really done for us. With his wife Cara adding “they have really gone above and beyond, we cannot thank the old boy Alwyn, staff, and students of St Brendan’s enough, and parents (they) are just …. absolutely amazing school.”

Peters message for others who are facing the same situation; “ tomorrow is a new day, things can happen. All you need to be (is) positive and I am very fortunate I have a great support, my lovely wife, my son, my daughter, and the wider community of St Brendan’s and also Yeppoon and Queensland. They have reached out and it makes you feel like you can get up and have a go and give it a go.

The surgeon advised the Bartlett family that Peter had 12 -18 months to live on first diagnoses but Cara says don’t believe that, we are going to go a lot longer than that’ and yesterday’s prognosis (was) that treatment is working and it has shrunk. “It is not a cure but hopefully we have got a few more years. Every day is a good day.”

Thank you to the SBC Family for reaching out to Peter and his Family.

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