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A Week of Celebration

This week saw three major events occur at the College, including Co-Curricular Awards, Academic Awards and Valedictory.  Wednesday morning, our students were rewarded for their efforts in cultural activities across the college throughout the year.  These awards included excellence in music and sport as well as other extracurricular and cultural activities.  Students who received a cultural commendation award were those that participated in three to five activities outside of school hours. Students who received a cultural excellence award were those that participated in six or more activities outside of school hours. To continue with the awards theme of the day, Wednesday evening was the College’s annual awards night where students who had achieved academic A awards and academic A+ awards were recognized as well as the DUX of each year level and subject and special awards. 

For students to receive an academic A award they need to have received at least two A’s for semester one and term 3.  To receive an academic A+ award, students need to have received at least four A+ results in semester one and term 3.  The list of students receiving awards was very impressive.  It was inspiring to see so many students aspiring to academic excellence at the College.

The students who receive DUX for the year, are students who have received an academic A+ award as well as being in extension classes.  This year’s DUX were Zac Whitehead for Year 7, Jesse McWhinney for Year 8, Matthew Campbell for Year 9, Eli Harding for Year 10 and Year 11 Ben O’Brien.  The Year 12 DUX will be announced at the first academic assembly next year as the results of the QCAA exams will count towards the final decision. The nominees for this award are Deklan Bulder, Finn Crinion, Saxon Kona, Jesse Laverty and Tom Orgill. 

In year 11 and 12 the College celebrates the achievements of its students by awarding a single subject award for each subject.  The special awards were awarded to students who have excelled in areas of art, community service, music and much more. Mr Shane Peers then presented the LEED awards, these awards are given to students who are ‘Living Eddie Every Day’.  These students have volunteered for a minimum of 20 service hours to worthy initiatives across the College.  The overwhelming sense of pride and honour was palpable in the auditorium at both of these events and rightly so, with such a high number of award recipients.  The effort that the students continuously put into their studies and commitment to the college is exemplary.  Congratulations boys.

Our third and final event for the week was Valedictory.  It was the College’s opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate our senior boys.  Every year it is a momentous occasion, but every year is different as is fitting for the individuality of the group of boys as they come through the College.  This year saw profound speeches and golden pieces of advice from, and for, our seniors.  Some stand out words were received by old boy Mr Scott Conway.  The theme of his speech was the special bond of the boys that have come from the College.  This bond is life long and unique to St Brendan’s boys.  The pride Mr Conway spoke of was something that cannot be put to words.  We are very proud as a College Community of the legacy these boys leave behind and carry with them into the future.

College Captain Michael ‘Booronggai’ Young spoke inspiringly about his time at St Brendans and acknowledged all of the moving parts that make up the education of the boys as they pass through the College. Booronggai’s mother also made her way to the stage and as she spoke of her pride in her son and how the College has contributed to the young man he has become, there were many emotions floating through the auditorium. 

The leadership blazers were then passed on to next years leaders captain Ninekupoyieh Moore, and vice captains Mitchell Baker and Callan Campbell.  The emotions reached great heights when the all of the seniors presented their families with a personal letters and flowers.  At the end of the ceremonies the graduating class of 2021 and their families walked through the school to applause and cheers, balloons and streamers.  As they came to the end of their journey through the school the boys crossed a real and metaphorical bridge from a St Brendan’s College senior to an Old Boy where they were welcomed by the Old Boy’s Foundation with caps and a handshake.  The boys commence external exams today and the College wishes them the best of luck over the next couple of weeks and into their individual futures.  Go with pride boys, we are excited to see where life takes you.


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