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Shooting Club

The St Brendan's College Shooting Club commenced to meet the needs of boarders to continue their interests and activities from home.  It also provides day students with an opportunity to learn how to shoot safely in a controlled environment.


The aims of the St Brendan’s Shooting Club are to promote safe firearms handling and have fun. We also aim for each shooter to have a junior Shooters Licence for inclusion in their resume as this demonstrates a high level of skill and responsibility to potential employers.

Legal requirements:

The law concerning junior Shooting Licences has changed and as a result we must insist that your child apply for a Minors Shooting License as soon as is practical after they have completed their safety course. We will assist in this.

St Brendan's Shooting Club Information:

St Brendan’s College operates a shooting club available to Years 8 to 12 that shoots various matches throughout the year. The sport runs all year round. There are a variety of matches that students may attend depending on their year level and experience. St Ursula’s College students are eligible and welcome to join the club and take part in all competitions as part of the St Brendan’s College team.

To participate in the shooting sports the student need to:

  1. Be approved by the Deputy Principal of St Brendan’s or St Ursula’s as a suitable student to be involved in shooting.
  2. Become a member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia national and local branches (this is covered in the cost of the levy and shooter safety course for beginning shooters and it is the responsibility of continuing shooters to maintain federal membership.)
  3.  Attend a Shooter safety course for the type of firearm used in their chosen match. Beginning shooters need to attend a category A, B safety course. Those wishing to shoot pistols need to be going into grade 11 or 12 and they need to attend a category H safety course.
  4. Pay the Shooting Levy 
  5. Complete the Parent Permission Form

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