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Discover SBC with Carter Ford

Discover SBC with Carter Ford

Carter has been a boarder at the College for the last three years.  He comes from Forest Home Capella, where his family runs a 20,000-acre cattle station as well as an earth moving business.  Carter’s Stepdad and SBC Old Boy Cody Ford, also offers helicopter mustering via his business ‘Action Helicopters’ and it is often a highlight at the end of term to see Cody set down the helicopter on the school oval to pick Carter up for the school holidays. 

When asked about his time at St Brendan’s Carter talks fondly of the ‘blokes’ he is surrounded by and that the decision to board at the College was easy. 

“I walked in the front gate and saw the four footy fields, the agriculture department, and all the open spaces.  I knew it was where I wanted to be.”

Carter is enjoying the opportunities the College offers including a great Agricultural Program and Sports Academy as well as the readily available Rugby League opportunities, having made the Capricornia U15 Rugby League team last year as well as the victorious 9As.  He is competing in the Dolphins Cup and also taking advantage of the Cowboys RL academy. Carter, along with several of his class mates have spent the last few weeks pitching their skills in the U16 Capras Trials.

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