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2020 Sport and Co-Curricular Awards

The 2020 Sports and Co-Curricular Awards were a fantastic opportunity to wrap up the year at St Brendan’s College and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our students.

This year was unlike any other in sport with many competitions, carnivals and tours put on hold due to COVID-19.  We thank all parents, volunteers and staff for their patience and support throughout 2020 and we look forward to a full year of sport in 2021.

We also acknowledge those who have reached excellence in the Art and Cultural environment.

It is a credit to teachers who selflessly coach and supervise students who passionately participate in all co-curricular fields, enabling the collective student body such a diverse choice to ultimately pursue their passions and dreams in their chosen field.

Congratulations to all students who have won awards and well done to those who have participated and represented their College or House.

If you would like to watch the awards in full please visit our YouTube channel -  SBC Youtube

The following students were awarded accolades for their contribution and success in their chosen sports.


Golf 13-18yrs
Isaak Jensen
Lincoln Beckett

Cricket 13-15yrs
Joshua Welsh
Liam Welsh

Rugby League

Ilami Buli
Peyton Jenkins
Jake Baigrie  
Mitchell Biddulph
Coby Williamson

Hoani Harris
Jett Manion

Volleyball 18yrs
Elijah Baldevia
Zander Jaquet

Water Polo 18yrs
Lincoln Johnson

Swimming 13-18yrs
Ky Pambid
Lachlan Tomkins
Alex Eaton

Shooting Awards
First Rifle: Kyden Ajisaka
Second Rifle: Henry Burden

Cricket Awards
Junior A Best Bowler: Hamish Bateman
Junior A Best Batsmen: Liam Welsh
Christian Brothers Cricket Week Best Bowler: James Jackson
Christian Brothers Cricket Week Best Batsmen: Mitchell Tucker

All-Schools Touch Football Awards
U/13 MVP: Carter Welfare
U/15 MVP: Jeremy Green
U/18 MVP: Kendrick Treadwell

Futsal Awards
Junior A MVP: Charlie Hemmings
Junior B MVP: Cayce Ellerton
Senior Green MVP: Chayse Heald
Senior Gold MVP: Luka Pearson

Basketball Awards
Senior Green MVP: Levi Davis
Senior Gold MVP: Baylin Wanchap

Water-Polo Awards
Junior MVP: Lachlan Mortimer
Senior MVP: Lincoln Johnson

Rugby Union Awards
U/13 MVP: Cooper Jukes
U/13 Best Back: Tyson Gimour
U/13 Best Forward: Bailey Hoare
U/15 MVP: Austin Monteath
U/15 Best Back: Banjo Walker
U/15 Best Forward: Rydell Tyrell
1st XV MVP: Jacob Coase
1st XV Best Back: Shannan Grey
1st XV Best Forward: Baxta Lancaster

Rodeo Awards
Bull Rider of the Year: Ben Bode
All Round Cowboy: Finn Crinion
Most Improved: Jimmy McClelland

Rugby League Awards
Yr 10 Cowboys Challenge MVP: Hoani Harris
Yr 10 Cowboys Challenge Best Back: Mack Nixon
Yr 10 Cowboys Challenge Best Forward: Jett Manion
Open C Gold MVP: Campbell Murray
Open C Gold Best Back: Harrison Lindsay
Open C Gold Best Forward: Ryan Welsh
Open C Green MVP: Harry Shepherd
Open C Green Best Back: Patrick McLaughlin
Open B Gold MVP: Luke Brouwer
Open B Gold Best Back: Liam Shoesmith
Open B Gold Best Forward: Sam Eden
Open B Green MVP: John Moore
Open B Green Best Back: Lachlan Frankish
Open B Green Best Forward: Clay Gleeson
Open A Gold MVP: Owen Pattie
Open A Gold Best Back: Marley Wosomo
Open A Gold Best Forward: Noah Corcoran
Open A Gold Best Forward: Tane Kiriona
Open A Green MVP: Bailey Sims
Open A Green Best Back: Taine Couper
Open A Green Best Forward: Jacob Coase
1st XIII Coaches Award: Coby Williamson
1st XIII Most Improved: Jye Marriott
1st XIII Best Forward: Tully Barritt
1st XIII Best Back: Kalani Sing
1st XIII Player of the Year: Mitchell Biddulph

Jesse Emery
William Holmes
Bailey Howard
Cooper Lee
Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick Morley
Mackenzie O’Connor
Jackson Omlid

Kyden Ajisaka
Kaleb Ballment
Caleb Bartlett
Kevin Keller
Lochlan Robinson
Harry Shepherd
Jackson Smith
Charlie Willis

Jackson Omlid
Nicholas Whiteman
Tom Orgill


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